10-set Vive bundle puts HTC VR in the classroom

The potential for VR to transform education has been espoused since the technology’s infancy. HTC Vive have made a move into the sector by releasing a multi-user Group Edition bundle for the Chinese market.  

Announced at the Vive Ecosystem Conference in Shenzhen, the Group Edition bundle includes 10 Business Edition headsets and two base stations. The offering is being priced at 49,999 yaun (roughly $7,260) and will be available for shipping in May.

This is around a 40% saving when compared to the purchase price of 10 full Business Edition Kits. This reduced pricing highlights that the bundle is aimed at small businesses and organisations like schools.

There are currently no plans to make the new bundle available outside of China.

Strategic partnerships

VIVEPAPER has also signed a strategic partnership agreement with Qingdao Publishing Group to create a platform for VR reading and innovative education. This is set to reach key schools across China’s major cities in the coming years.

The new platform will mobilise the content resources of the publishing group and allow for the distribution of VR education content to schools, libraries and certain bookstores.

Vive also announced an agreement with China’s largest home appliance retail channel GOME. Vive will be GOME VR cinemas technology partner and will provide support for the 100 VR locations in the coming year.